Morning CoffeeA big reason why diets fail is not enough time to give it enough focus. A stay at home mom with 2 or 3 kids all needing her attention. She gets up in the morning, maybe have enough time to chug a cup of coffee and a piece of toast before getting the kids up. Making breakfast for the kids, getting them to cooperate and actually eat the food, getting them to the bathroom, changing them into their school clothes, packing their lunches, checking their school bags, dealing with the whining, brushing their hair and getting them out the door. After she drops her kids off at school, she needs to run multiple stops, like food shopping for dinner, coming home and putting all the groceries away. Now it’s time to fill in paperwork for each child, sign them up for activities and now she is late to pick her kids up from school.

After she has picked the kids up from school, she needs to get them home feed, change and out the door for sports, dance, play dates and anything Kids Homeworkelse. When all this is done, she needs to get home and cook dinner for her family, make sure everyone eats and clean up afterward.

Now it’s time for homework, which she may have help with dad being home and then get the kids to bed. Change them into their pajamas, brush their teeth, deal with more whining and get them to go to sleep.

Tomorrow she will be running this same exact schedule! How in the world is this mother/You suppose to focus on her diet with that schedule?

Solutions for a Mother with this Schedule

A solution is to have a system, in place, that’s easy to follow. A brainless system that is so easy she doesn’t need to think about what she is doing. The system will need to replace the grab and go unhealthy food she eats with something that controls her diet.

Example of these systems are:


Herbalife is an easy way to keep calories low and get all the vitamins and nutrients. They have meal replacement shakes at a low calorie and help satisfy hunger. And 75 plus other products to customize to your specific needs. If you connect with a distributor online, you can easily ask a question via email and not have to worry about joining some business.

The best place to buy Herbalife products online is



Isagenix has systems in place to really help with the calorie reduction. They have a 9 day cleanse to jolt your system for weight loss and a 30-day system to get all the dieting done with-in a small amount of time. Like Herbalife, they have shakes to control calories and products to support getting the proper amount of vitamins and nutrients.

The best place to buy Isagenix products online is



Nutrisystem is a buy your food ahead of time and customizes a system that allows you to grab and go. The food they sell is all pre-packaged and easy to follow. They also have meal replacement shakes to help with busy people.

The best place to order Nutrisystem is


Bad Diets to follow for this type of Mother

There are some bad diets for a mother like our busy one to follow. They are any diet that requires a lot of time and attention. Those diets are weight watchers, ketogenic, paleo, plant-based, vegetarian etc. Not that these diets don’t work, they do work, they just require too much time and attention for a busy person to follow. Therefore, these diets have a high drop off rate after 3 weeks and a plateau with what the scale reads.